BRALCO prioritizes customer satisfaction. We offer a variety of services, from personalized consultations to delivery.

Our experienced specialists can guide our customer through the designing process, while our automated production line allows for maximum efficiency in creating of a mold, and producing or assembling a flawless product. We can add any finishing touches upon request, while we deliver the products wherever necessary.


BRALCO’s Product Research and Development unit consists of staff experienced in designing accessories and developing molds, using 3D-design programs to expand on customers’ ideas and plans. Using the latest technological developments, we can make any changes necessary before making the mold, which is the customer’s property and may be stored in our units for future use. It is worth noting that a confidentiality agreement can be signed to ensure exclusivity.


In possession of the most sophisticated equipment available, BRALCO is capable of creating even the most complex molds, all according to our customers’ specifications and requirements. A prime example of this is our foundry, which is equipped with casting machines covering an extensive range of pressure die casting parts.

To give a product its optimum final form, BRALCO carries out a wide variety of processes, including, but not limited to: shot-blasting, thread-cutting, or using fine sanders and dryers. We use electrostatic painting, covering all de-oiling phases of chrome-free passivation and degassing.
We also undertake the full assembly of products for customers, as well as their final packaging.


BRALCO is very flexible and effective in storing and scheduling the delivery of products produced, as we conduct a thorough analysis of our customers’ needs and manage accordingly their orders, product production, and delivery. Products are transported following an agreement, with the aim of delivering fast, efficiently, and in completely safe conditions.