Our company considers quality control of utmost importance. We closely monitor every step taken during production, checking every parameter of each process, while performing all the necessary evaluations, all to guarantee our costumers’ needs and requirements are met. We leave nothing to chance.

Raw materials are thoroughly examined prior to production with the use of the Hitachi Foundry Master spectrometer, while the 3D CMM machine performs 3D inspections, with up to 0.001 mm accuracy. The X Ray | Y Multiplex 5500 M allows us to look into each and every component’s internal structure in order to detect any flaws or inconsistences, even minor ones, that might have occurred during the casting process. Every product is meticulously inspected before delivered to our customers.

We have acquired the most advanced equipment available in order to be certain that there will not be any issues during any stage of production, as well as that our finished products will be flawless. We aspire to achieve excellence and fully satisfy our customers in any industry.
We constantly ensure that our skilled engineers are further trained on every aspect by providing them with highly specialized technical upgrading courses, while we also rely on their constructive feedback and expertise.
Adherence to the highest standards of quality, reliability, and efficiency earned us the ISO 9001:2015 certification.


Our team is dedicated to reducing our environmental impact by having strict regulations, improving our environmental performance. We have implemented environmental standards, based on which we carefully select our suppliers, while our approach and the optimization of our production line have significantly reduced our waste, water and energy consumption, as well as our greenhouse gas emissions. Our strategies have consistently proven cost-effective, allowing us to offer greater financial benefits to our customers.

We aim to contribute significantly to a sustainable future; for our efforts, we have been granted the ISO 14001:2015 certification.